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Welcome to Website “ONECARD.COM”. Please read the following terms and conditions:

By accessing, registering and/or continuing to use or access the Website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Use and the other documents and terms with immediate effect. These Terms of Use and the Legal Documents are subject to change by us at any time. Your continued use of the Website following any such change constitutes your agreement to these Terms of Use and Legal Documents as so modified.


The Website is an e-commerce platform that allows users to purchase a wide variety of cards and digital services.

ONECARD reserves the right to introduce new services and update or withdraw any of the services, in our sole discretion without any liability.

1. Client’s Obligations

When using or accessing the Services, you agree that you:

  • Customer shall only pay for transactions using their own credit card(s) and will not use credit card(s) that belong to any one else.
  • Customer acknowledges that transactions are non-refundable. In case of not receiving services they paid for, they shall immediately contact OneCard customer support. Customer doesn’t not have the right to ask their bank for refund.
  • are responsible for maintaining the privacy of, and restricting access to and use of your account and password, and accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and password.
  • agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security.
  • will provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself and your use of the services as required by us.
  • will cooperate with our requests for additional information with respect to your eligibility and usage of our services.
  • will not take any action that may undermine the Website’s feedback and ratings systems.
  • will not transfer your account to other party.
  • will not distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm our services or the interests or property of other users.
  • will not infringe the copyright, trademark, patent, publicity, moral, database, and/or other intellectual property rights (collectively, "Intellectual Property Rights" ) that belong to or are licensed to us and any Intellectual Property Rights that belong to third parties.
  • will not harvest or otherwise collect information about users or circumvent any technical measures we use to provide the services.


  • All content included on the Website, including but not limited to digital cards, text, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads and software is our property or the property of our licensors and suppliers. We (or our licensors or suppliers, as the case may be) retain all right, title and interest in and to the Website and the services, including without limitation, all Intellectual Property Rights therein.
  • You agree that you have no right to use any of our trademarks without our prior written consent.
  • You agree that you have no right to claim to be an agent, marketer or representative of Gulf Direct Distribution Company or “”


You warrant, represent and undertake that:

  • you shall fully comply and will at all times continue to fully comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations, including without limitation, all privacy laws and content regulation.
  • you have full power and authority to enter into these Terms of Use and the execution and performance of your obligations under these Terms of Use does not conflict with:
    • any laws, rules, regulations or governmental guidelines to which you are subject to.
    • any other agreements to which you are a party to or to which you are otherwise bound by
  • if you create or use an account on behalf of a business entity, you represent that you are authorized to act on behalf of such business and bind the business to these Terms of Use. Such account is deemed to be owned and controlled by the business entity.
  • any content you submit as part of your use of the services and any products that you list do not violate the rights of any third party anywhere in the world including without limitation, any Intellectual Property Rights (whether registered or not).
  • services are provided to you on an “as is” basis without warranties, representations, or undertakings of any kind. We disclaim all warranties, representations, or undertakings of any kind, whether express, implied or collateral, including, but not limited to, all warranties, representations, or undertakings of merchantability, of fitness for a particular or general purpose, of non-infringement, of compatibility or that the services are secure or error free or will operate without interruption or will be provided in a timely or proper manner or at all.
  • furthermore, whilst we attempt to be as accurate as possible, we do not warrant that product descriptions or other content of any Service is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. Additionally, as a buyer, you agree that we are not responsible for examining or warranting the listings or content provided by us or third parties through the services, and that you will not attempt to hold us liable for any inaccuracies or defects in any of the listings.


  • In no event will we, our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates, and our, and their directors, officers, agents, employees or suppliers be liable, whether based on an action or claim in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise arising out of or in relation to these Terms of Use for loss of profits, loss of data or information, business interruption or other pecuniary loss or for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, even if we, our affiliates, directors, officers, agents, employees, licensors, subcontractors or suppliers have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • In addition, we (including our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates and our, and their directors, officers, agents, employees or suppliers) are not liable, and you agree not to hold us responsible, for any damages or losses resulting directly or indirectly from:
    • the content or other information you provide when using the services.
    • your use of or your inability to use our services.
    • pricing, shipping, format or other guidance provided by us.
  • delays or disruptions in our services.
  • viruses or other malicious software obtained by accessing or linking to our services.
  • bugs, errors or inaccuracies of any kind in our services.
  • damage to your hardware device from the use of products sold on the Website or our services.
  • the content, actions or inactions of third parties using our services.
  • a suspension or other action taken by us with respect to your use of the services.
  • your need to modify practices, content or behavior or your loss of or inability to do business as a result of changes to these Terms of Use.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold us, our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates and our, and their directors, officers, agents, employee or suppliers harmless from and against any losses, damages and expenses (including legal fees and attorney’s fees) (“Claims”) arising out of or relating to:
    • any claims or demands made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the services.
    • your violation of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use, including without limitation, any of the warranties, representations and undertakings.
    • your violation of any applicable laws, including without limitation, data protection or anti-spam laws.
    • the manner in which you use our services, including, without limitation, that the content you post, the items you list or your trademarks infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party or that the content of your listings is slanderous, defamatory, obscene or violates any other rights (including privacy rights) of any third party (including other Website users).

    We are committed to ensuring that listed items and content on our Website comply with these Terms of Use. If you believe that a listed item or content breaches these Terms of Use, please notify us and we will investigate.

    6. General Provisions

    • Governing Law: These Terms of Use and any non-contractual rights or obligations arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
    • Dispute Resolution: If you have an issue with our services, please contact us. We will endeavor to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Any disputes or Claims arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use, including any non-contractual rights or obligations arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use shall be referred to and finally resolved by Riyadh, KSA courts.
    • Relationship of the Parties: Nothing contained in these Terms of Use will be deemed or construed by the parties or any third party to create the relationship of partnership, joint venture or agency between the parties, it being understood that the parties will at all times remain independent parties contracting for services.
    • Further Assurances: The parties will do and execute or arrange for the doing and executing of each necessary act, document and thing reasonably within its power to implement and give effect to these Terms of Use to its full extent, including without limitation, assisting each other in complying with applicable law.
    • Entire Agreement: These Terms of Use and the documents referred to or incorporated herein by reference contain the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersede all prior agreements, negotiations and representations, written or oral, relating to its subject matter. Except as provided in these Terms of Use and the documents referred to or incorporated into these Terms of Use by reference, there are no conditions, representations, warranties, undertakings or agreements between the parties whether direct, indirect, collateral, express or implied.
    • Amendment: We reserve the right to modify, vary, amend or supplement these Terms of Use at any time and from time to time. We will post the current version of these Terms of Use on the Site and each such change will be effective upon posting on the Site or upon the date designated by us as the “effective date” (if any). Your continued use of the services following any such change constitutes your agreement to be bound by and its acceptance of these Terms of Use as so modified.
    • Severability: If any provision of these Terms of Use is determined by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be severed from these Terms of Use and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect so long as the economic or legal substance of the transactions contemplated hereby is not affected in any manner.
    • Force Majeure: Neither party will be liable for any loss or damage or for any delay or failure in performance due to acts beyond the control of such party whether or not such acts could reasonably be anticipated (including acts of God, legislative, judicial or regulatory acts of any provincial or the federal government, court or regulatory authority, acts of any of our subcontractors or any third party providers of goods or Services to us, labor disruptions, blackouts, embargoes).
    • No Waiver: Any waiver by us of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use will not constitute a waiver of any other provision (whether similar or not), nor will any such waiver constitute a continuing waiver of that particular provision, unless expressly provided by us in writing.
    • Survival: All provisions that either expressly or by their nature survive, will survive suspension or termination of your membership of the Website.