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How to buy

  1. Go to OneCard website
  2. Choose category and product
  3. Choose the value of product
  4. Click on proceed to payment
If you didn’t register before the next step is registration
  1. Click on Create free account
  2. You will fill all fields
    1. Name at least first and second name
    2. Email
    3. Password: by English letters, It contains at least 8 letters, one of them is Capital letter and at least one Number.
    4. Repeat fill password
    5. Your mobile number is Saudi number
    6. Click on I am not Robot
    7. Click on Create Account
Verify your email
  1. Enter the code that sent on email
Verify your mobile number that sent on mobile
  1. Enter the code that sent on mobile
The receipt will appear
  1. Choose the payment methods
  2. Fill the bank account data
Your bank data will not save for secure your bank account
  1. Enter password of bank account

Now Cards between your hands!