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Adrenaline online is the first free-to-play Arabic shooting game, released by game power7, it revolves around saving what has been left of the human race after being nearly wiped out from nuclear wars.

The game is in FPS (first person shooter) and it relies on quick reflexes, alertness and strategic tactics, players are divided amongst two teams, one defends the north pole peace treaty, and the other breaks that treaty.

Both teams are supported with a variety of weapons, accessories, advanced weaponry, and a wide range of maps and game modes, In Adrenaline, your character can have one of three classes at any time (assault, sniper ,or engineer); each class can have a unique game mode so you can delve yourself into this class. Moreover, you can simply switch between them during the match!

Massive number of accessories, weapons, and gears enable you to annihilate your enemies or help your team in various ways.